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Sound Systems

What are the brands for your sound systems solutions? 

We only provide internal components from trusted brands that have exceptional quality and high durability. Some of them including KEF, Bose, Australian Monitor, Garvan acoustics, Peavey, Bower & Wilkin, Integra, Rotel and Speaker Craft for sound systems.

What sort of speakers should I go for? 

It depends on the type venue, the size of the facility, the purpose of the speakers, and the design of the facility. There is a wide selection of available speaker systems and mounting options. For instance, if you need a restaurant audio system, there are wide selection, pendant, wall mounted, ceiling and many other types of speakers. Would you like the audio to be in the background or the foreground? We’ll assess your facility and provide you the speakers that will suit your needs. Hi.

Which amplifiers do you recommend? This is dependent on the number of speakers and other factors?

We do not recommend any specific brands, however, we advise you to use amplifiers with great care. Less powerful amplifiers can get easily damaged if you use it at its maximum volume with high levels on bass and treble, Loudspeakers with more powerful amplifiers are more durable as they have plenty of reserved power. 

What type of speaker cable should I use? This is dependent on the type of speaker, How many speakers ? 

Our trusted brands provide with good quality speaker cables for use. Many factors go into choosing the right type. Our team of technicians and integrators will be able to assess the right type speaker cables. 

How to maximize bass performance?

One thing you can do is place the back of the speakers against a wall for a maximum bass response. Another idea is using a subwoofer or a mixer.  There are many solutions to provide more bass. 

Are small speakers as good as large ones?

Yes. Most of our trusted brands’ speakers have the same tonal balance, but as you go up with volume, the power handling and bass extension also maximise. 

What are bi-wiring and bi-amping? 

Bi-Wiring involves two pairs of cables between each amplifier channel and the loudspeaker. It has two separate signal paths. 
Bi-Amping uses a separate amplifier for each set of terminals. This has greater benefits than Bi-Wiring as the flow of higher frequency information covering from the bass performance  can decrease.

What are 1U, 2U, 3U etc. as seen in product specifications?

The "U" stands for "Unit Height" and is a standard of 1.75". For 2U component, the height would be 3.5". The standards can determine which combination of U electronics will fit into a standard rack.

Home Cinema

What is home theater?

A home theater is a setup of AV equipment that replicates an actual cinema experience with a large screen and surround sound in your home.

What is the necessary equipment for a home theater installation?

You’ll need a flat screen TV (the bigger, the better) or a projector, surround sound speakers to amplify cinematic experience, DVD or Blu-Ray player, the Receiver that manages the sound, and a remote to control the other components from a single source. In case you want to elevate your home cinema experience, there are more elements you could opt for such as the seating, lighting design, and room layout. 

Is it expensive to have a home cinema installed?

Our team will create your personalised home theater within your budget. In fact, a home cinema can start as little as 5,000aed! From your budget, we can create a fun entertainment space and add luxury at the best price.

Can a home theater really give you the same commercial theater experience? 

It entirely depends on the type of home theater system installation you’ll go for, but with the best AV solutions it could match up to a commercial theater. Plus, it is also more convenient as you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home. 

Automation Products

What is home automation system?

Home automation system involves wireless control for your home facilities and appliances such as the WiFi, home theater room, lighting control, surveillance cameras, keyless entry, to automated control for air-conditioning, ceiling fans, and other appliances. 

What are the benefits of a wireless home automation system?

The benefits of home automation include security, energy savings, safety, convenience, and control. It can also provide assistance for disabled persons and improve your home’s value. 

Which devices are most commonly controlled in home automation system?

Common home automation devices are lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security. You can control remote access through such as your smartphone or your iPad.

Is home automation system installation affordable?

It may come for a hefty price, but you get the best out of the price you’re paying with the great benefits you gain. 

When is the best time to install home automation?

You can have it installed anytime, but a great time to have it done is when you’re building a new home or in the process of renovation. 

How can I save energy with wireless home automation?

You can save energy, water, and electricity as you can monitor usage within your home. The controls can help you set timers or schedules for your appliances and home functionalities.

Is my information secured with a home automation system?

Most home automation devices have high-security encryptions to secure your information. We at Dynamic AV ensure to only provide the latest and secured wireless home automation system solutions. 

Classrooms & Conference Rooms

Do you have experience providing AV solutions for schools? 

We provide AV solutions for classrooms. One of our satisfied clients is Sharjah University in Khorfakan. We helped them with technical design and installation of AV equipment. We also installed a manually controlled railing system that is used for lighting control. We provided Sharjah University with high-end broadcast equipment such as switchers, HD cameras, microphones, and speakers. 

Do you provide audiovisual support for conference rooms?

Yes, we do. One of the projects we had is for Dreamscape Network where we designed and installed a 6 zone audio system complete with Bose ceiling and pendant speakers. For their conference room, we installed an Epson Ultra short throw projector with interactive whiteboard, desktop, wireless discussion microphones, and A/V connections for HDMI, VGA, Wireless and network. 

How do you stay up-to-date on new audiovisual technology solutions?

As we are Dynamic AV, we provide the best AV solutions in Dubai. We keep up the latest trends by dealing with reputed AV brands and offer only modern AV equipment. We also make sure to constantly communicate with our collaborators to keep up with the latest AV solutions.

What is video conferencing? 

It is a two-way interactive communication with the use of telephone or Internet. It allows a meeting or gathering between people from a different location.  

What do I need for video conferencing in my conference room? 

You just need a presentation screen or LED for your visuals. We provide Sony, Benq, Epson for projection systems. Anchor and DA-LITE for projection screens solutions. We also provide microphones for enhanced audio and other video conferencing products for your needs.

What is a video wall? 

A video wall allows an image or your visuals to be shown across a number of screens. Video walls can be from simple 2 x 1 (two screens side by side) to 10 screens depending on the purpose.

What is an interactive whiteboard? 

An interactive whiteboard is a powerful educational tool. It allows your digital visuals to be displayed using a digital projector or Interactive LED screen, which can be controlled by the sense of touch. It encourages classroom engagement with interactivity and collaborative learning.

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