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Amplify Your Home Theatre With A High End Audio System

We often hear from people who set up a home theatre system that they expected it to be ‘much more’ than what they are getting. A good home theatre is an entertainment setup that should provide an all-immersive viewing and sound experience, leaving the users in awe. But more often than not, the finer details of installing a home theatre are overlooked due to time or budget restrictions, which brings down its performance. So, is there a way to upgrade the setup? Is it true that a good set of high-end audio speakers can do wonders to your home theatre? Let us find out.

Role of sound systems in a home theatre setup

Speakers are undoubtedly an important part of any home theatre system. While your TV may come with inbuilt speakers, it is definitely not enough to provide the right cinematic experience in a home theatre setup. Our integration experts recommend the use of stereo as well as a surround sound system for getting the full effect.

Stereo speakers put out audio through 2/1 channels or speakers. Most speakers also come with a subwoofer for better sound quality by providing decent bass output. Ideally, this is enough for a TV or music system to provide quality sound to the listeners.

Setting up high-end speakers

Sound system suppliers and integrators like us like to recommend the use of high-end speakers for the best quality surround sound experience. Rather than using a mix of old and new speakers from different manufacturers, it is best to stick to one brand with a unique sound signatu

re. Having matched speakers throughout your surround sound system will have a huge impact on your cinema viewing experience.

Adding a quality subwoofer will improve the overall bass output, allowing the booms and fireworks in your movie’s audio to sound better and with greater impact. At the same time, it is also important to upgrade your central channel as it is responsible for delivering more than 80% of a movie's audio information. Choose a larger central channel than can handle more bass for improving the overall audio quality. You can also bring in premium amplifiers to supplement your high-end speakers. Our integrators can help you with choosing one that syncs well with your audio system.

If all your systems are top class and you still feel a part or unit is insufficient or not working as desired, try changing the speaker placements around your home theatre room. You can also try changing the wiring between the speakers and the amplifier for optimal results.

Final words

Setting up a quality sound system for your home theatre makes all the difference to your cinema viewing experience. If you are looking to invest in high-end speakers for your theatre, reach out to our sound system supplier company in Dubai for branded products and quality services today.

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