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Enjoy Your Next Netflix Binge With Better Home Entertainment System

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Over these past few years, streaming services have taken up the task of providing our daily dose of entertainment. With numerous series, documentaries, and movies available in its arsenal, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms across the globe.

While the programs itself are highly entertaining, watching them on a home theatre system gives a whole new experience altogether. However, a lot of people are unsure how about a home theatre installation and how it can provide a better and more immersive entertainment with Netflix. So in this blog, we will look into basic things you need to know about setting up a home theatre system and ensuring the system’s sync with Netflix.

A home sound solution for Netflix

Most people readily invest in bigger screens right from the start. While HD TVs play a major role in enhancing your viewing experience, it is important to consider a surround sound system that works with Netflix for better entertainment.

A typical surround sound system will have 5 to 6 speakers, subwoofers, and a multichannel receiver. But if you are specifically setting up your sound system to be used with Netflix, ensure that the devices support Codec.

Digital Codec is used to compress information for multichannel tones, allowing audio data to be streamed quicker. This is very important for a streaming platform like Netflix which works on an internet connection. The receiver with the right system in place, you can enjoy a real home theatre experience with Netflix’s surround sound 5.1.

How well does Netflix support surround sound?

Even though you make the necessary home theatre installation for a better cinematic experience, Netflix currently lacks high-quality audio for some of its content. Although the quality of sound streaming has improved with the 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus on most of their content, it may not hold for all of the available programs.

Even so, here are some of the steps you should take to enable surround sound while watching Netflix.

  • Start by ensuring that your surround sound system is working properly.

  • Open Netflix on your smart TV and look for content with the Dolby logo in the description.

  • From the menu on top of the screen, select “audio and subtitles” and change the stereo option to surround sound 5.1.

  • You can also make this switch from your AV receiver setting without manually changing it on the Netflix app.

Things to remember

To get the best experience out of your Netflix programs, you also need to have a good internet connection that can handle data-heavy HD content. You will also need a web browser and computer system to change Netflix settings if you use a normal HD screen instead of a smart TV.

With the help of your 5.1 channel surround sound system that supports Codec format, you can start enjoying the high-quality audio experience along with the stunning program visuals.

Additionally, you can improve your home theatre experience by soundproofing your TV room and setting up some comfortable couches for relaxed TV time with your family. So take the next step and call the experts from our AV installation company in Dubai to set up your home theatre system today.

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