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Guarantee Your Home Safety With CCTV Solutions

Are you a homeowner who is worried about the security of your property? It is quite natural for you to worry about the safety of your family, especially if you own a fairly large property with bigger grounds. With the availability of wireless home automation systems like CCTV, you can now easily increase the security of your home and keep your family protected at all times. In this blog, let us check out some of the benefits of installing CCTV in your home and where to set up the system for maximum protection.

Benefits of Installing CCTV at home

CCTVs are one of the biggest visual crime deterrents currently available in the market. Having the system installed at your house will make criminals think twice before targeting your abode. CCTVs also keep your home safe from planned burglary as the presence of cameras will advertise the fact that your home is armed against intruders. Not only are these systems precautionary measures, but they also help identify criminals who rob, damage, or vandalize properties and help bring them to justice.

CCTV systems are usually installed around your property to monitor its perimeter from the safety of your home. As it covers most blind spots around your home, you will check the cause of a noise or disturbance without having to open your door and investigate it in person. CCTVs also help you identify your visitors without having to answer the door, especially at night.

Unlike many other home automation systems and home security measures, CCTVs require very little maintenance. If you suspect any issues, you can always call up our integrator team for a quick check-up.

Things to remember when installing CCTV

There are a few things you need to know before installing a CCTV system at your home. The most important part of that is undoubtedly the camera positions.

Most people assume that intruders sneak up from side or back entrances. But statistics show that many robbers prefer to strike from the front door. So installing a camera at your entrance step is a smart idea as it also helps you keep tabs on your visitors. Secondary doors like back and side doors also need to be monitored for the same reason. Apart from that, your yard, garage, and driveway also need to be fitted with cameras for complete exterior protection and surveillance.

It is wise to install CCTV cameras inside your home as well. Common areas like the living room and kitchen, stairways, and hallways are good locations for cameras. These will help you monitor your kids, babysitter, and household help when they are moving about.

Once the locations have been decided, the next part is to optimize camera placement for function and visibility. Our integrators recommend installing the cameras 8 to 10 feet above the ground to get a good view while still high enough to be out of reach from potential intruders. While hidden cameras are available in the market, visible ones are more effective as they stop thefts before they happen. Further, external cameras need to be angled away from direct sunlight and need weather and waterproofing for the best results.

Indoor cameras can be fitted at corners as they provide the best view of your interiors. However, make sure to point the cameras away from windows and light sources as they may cause reflection issues.

Final words

While CCTV installations can be self-installed, our experts recommend professional fitting. It takes away the headache of marking the locations yourself and dealing with the assembly of various parts of the system. Wireless home automation systems like CCTVs are user friendly, so you will not face issues with your routine monitoring. Contact expert integrators from our audio and video solutions company in Dubai today for a stress-free CCTV installation.

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