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Home Theater Systems For An Out-of-the-Box Experience!

Updated: May 27, 2019

Home Theater Installation At Your Home

Weekends are still best spent at the comforts of your home with the whole family. After a tiring week of work, nothing beats a day lying on your bed or slouching on your couch. Weekends call for the best getaway without physically exhausting yourself— either settling for a movie marathon or going for a chill Netflix session.

Either way, these both offer entertainment and relaxation. Watching a movie is like a refreshing breath of air that can clear up your mind while providing quality bonding time with your loved ones. That's why it's ideal if the whole family is gathered and seated comfortably, and moments shared like this deserve the best shared screen.

Laugh together at the funniest moments. Scream together at the most thrilling scenes. These emotions are best felt when the details on the screen are vivid enough to take you away to another dimension.The widest screens and the clearest audio systems make you feel as if you're a character of the movie and that you're part of the story.

Get a break from reality and enjoy luxury at the corners of your personal space by having your own home theater! Here are the other benefits you get to enjoy from having your own home theater:

1. Same movie experience, minus the hassle.

Going to the mall to watch in the cinemas would involve lining up for tickets, which could be real hassle especially if the film's a blockbuster. You could enjoy the same movie experience, immerse yourself into the scenes, and relieve yourself from stress without even leaving your home. What sounds better than that?

2. You've got the best seats in the house.

Nothing is more comfortable than sitting on your own couch. Some cinemas have rough seats that could cause your distraction and discomfort. It's also difficult to focus on a movie if there are people who continuously pass by, blocking your screen. If you're also a sport enthusiast, you could watch a game with high-definition visuals and high-resolution sound system that would make you feel as if you're in the VIP seat. Well, you really are!

3. It's the real deal for gamers.

For people who love playing video games, a big screen and home theater speakers could definitely enhance the gameplay experience. When the game has amazing graphics and SFX, playing it on a high-quality home theater system elevates the game into a new level and gives you a kick of adrenaline rush like none other.

4. Luxury for your home.

When you have visitors to invite over the weekend, a home theater could absolutely leave a lasting impression. It adds appeal and luxury to your personal home, which would keep your visitors coming back.

5. Personalize it to your standards.

What is the best part of a home theater? You can have it customized to your own specifications! You can choose the equipment and furniture to suit your individuality and comfort.

Building your home cinema is made possible with the help of audio visual companies in Dubai as they provide you the sound solutions for your home. The best thing about it is that it's not as pricey as you'd expect it to be, as home cinema starts from as little as 5,000 AED. As one of the leading AV companies in Dubai, we provide bespoke solutions for the attainment of your personal home theater dreams with the best home theater systems.

We provide complete AV solutions for home theater setup services such as:

- Media Room or Dedicated Cinema Room

- Cinema room acoustics

- Automation

- Interior design

- Picture and screen considerations

- Audio considerations

- Audio visual equipment

- Cinema seating

- Project management

Aside from providing AV solutions for your home theater, we also provide sound solutions for your whole home. If you want more sounds to be filled in the different spaces of your home, then you're at the right place as we offer multi-room AV solutions such as wireless multi-room sound solutions, AV equipment such as LCD screens, projectors, and wireless home automation system solution that can control the lighting, AV, AC, and other devices from your touch screen device.

Think outside-of-the-box by immersing yourself into an out-of-the-box experience when you contact us!

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