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How To Upgrade Your Television's Sound Output

How often have you increased or decreased your TV’s volume due to the lack of clarity or effect while watching your favorite movie/show?

Most modern-day flatscreens come with fairly good speakers but still lack giving the viewers a wholesome cinematic experience when it comes to audio. However, you must remember that this is not entirely your TV’s fault. Room acoustics often depend on the physical nature of the room- it’s size, shape, and the things that you place in the room all account for the audio effects you hear while watching TV.

So in this blog, we will look at some of the budget-friendly ways in which you can upgrade your TV’s audio output and improve your viewing experience.


Investing in a soundbar is a great way to improve your TV’s sound quality. This single cable device comes with or without a separate subwoofer and rear speakers and can be mounted on the wall next to our TV unit. Soundbars are ideal for smaller spaces as they improve the audio quality without overwhelming the audience.

Desktop speaker

Another smaller and budget-friendly option is a desktop speaker. These versatile speakers are small and can be placed close to your TV unit without having to worry about finding a special position for it in your home.

Desktop speakers also come in wireless form, allowing you to wirelessly pair it to your smart speakers.

Surround sound system

If you really want to up your audio experience, it is wiser to invest in a surround sound system. A good AV receiver and a quality speaker package can help you create the best surround sound system for your home TV unit.

A good surround sound system usually has 5 to 6 speakers. Two or three of them are placed in the front of the TV while three of them are placed on your sides and behind. As the audio signals are split into multiple channels, different sounds come from different speakers giving you an immersive experience.

Stereo system

Stereo systems may seem a little old school in the times of virtual sound and Dolby Atmos but are still highly effective when it comes to improving your TV audio experience. A good pair of stereo speakers and a stereo amplifier are a perfect way to amp up your TV sounds without having to invest in a complete surround system.

Final words

Improving your TV’s sound output will give you a great AV experience right at home. However, remember that it doesn’t always depend on the sound system you invested in. By reducing external noises by soundproofing your TV room, you will be able to enjoy better audio clarity any day.

If you are unsure where to start with your audio upgrade, talk to our AV experts at Dynamic AV. Get the best audio solutions within your budget today.

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