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Increase Classroom Engagement With Interactive Whiteboards!

Updated: May 27, 2019

A teacher’s job is a difficult one. Each student would have an individual learning style which the teacher would use different approaches and techniques to suit those specific needs. Another challenging task for a teacher is to grab and hold the student’s attention and increase classroom engagement so to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

How do teachers increase classroom engagement, especially if the students are of the younger age? There are various teaching styles that use education tools to stimulate visual and auditory learners for faster and more thorough understanding, but are these tools enough to really interact with students?

It’s important for schools to be updated with the latest technology trends as the students of this generation progress better with the use of modern technology. Lessons resources are now being built into software packages. Schools have embraced the necessity of technology such as the use of Apple products among their pupils. While this does provide development among teaching tools, is it better than the traditional means such as the use of whiteboards?

Individual use of Apple products may be inclusive for each student. For instance, a student might use the phone as a cause of distraction rather than an educational tool. As a teacher, it’s going to be difficult to oversee all activities among students, so it still might be a wiser choice to teach them in a collaborative manner.

If you want to be up-to-date with modern technology while still preserving the use of whiteboards, why not go with both with the use of an interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards have become more prevalent in the classroom setting. There are many benefits that teachers and students alike get out of this inventive technique to demonstrate core concepts.

With the use of interactive whiteboards, teachers can create a more exciting learning environment while providing students more opportunities to engage with the lessons. Visual aids such as videos, moving diagrams, interactive stories, and online content can better explain difficult concepts, especially for visual learners. This kind of teaching plan will also help retain information among students, a majority have better learning formation with the use of visual materials.

Interactive whiteboards enable students to have an upgraded learning experience by actually interacting with the lessons on a real-time basis, which also provides a more active approach to learning concepts. One of the best ways to increase classroom engagement is with the use of a story-based teaching plan, especially among younger pupils, and the use of interactive whiteboards activate multi-sensory learning (visuals, auditory, and touch) which will certainly excite the students and make them participate with the lessons.

Another benefit of an interactive approach to learning is that that it can be taught at the student’s pace. Interactive whiteboards teach at a more personalized level that attends to individual needs and the mistakes can be corrected more immediately.

The benefits of incorporating interactive whiteboards into the classroom apply to both teachers and students. The visual cues can help in classroom engagement, while the multi-sensory learning promotes easier retention among the students. Teachers can take advantage of its ease of setup and the benefits it could give to their students while promoting a holistic learning approach.

As the educational setting has been constantly moving forward, it takes dynamics for the installation and provision of the audiovisuals that are necessary as well. We, at Dynamic AV, has one of the best audio-visual companies in Dubai provide quality interactive whiteboards to enhance the learning experience and upgrade the performances of both teachers and students. Our experienced team understands every intricate detail of audio equipment setup and audio-visual collaboration technology and will provide you with top quality integrated A/V solutions for your classroom.

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