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Integrating Technology In The Classroom: 5 Key Benefits Of Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are a part of the upcoming technological interventions that are being installed at high rates across classrooms in the world. This is a part of the initiative to make classrooms smarter and to enhance children’s learning processes and abilities at school. A smart whiteboard helps students gain knowledge better through five main benefits that are listed below in detail.

1. Interactive

These interactive whiteboards allow students and teachers alike to write, draw, touch and calculate learning material and that is a part of their study subjects. Be it Mathematics or Chemistry or even French, students can use the smart whiteboard to interact with the study material and absorb the knowledge better. As the technology instantaneously displays results, it also gives teachers and students feedback on their progress and helps instructors track and record that better. Students can also teach each other effectively that will in turn help enhance their learning process.

2. Flexible

The technology used in creating such interactive whiteboards allows users of all ages to interact and use smart whiteboards with efficiency. The feasibility allows teachers and students to use and show maps, images, textbooks, research papers and so many other illustrations. Real-time online classes can also be conducted with the help of smart whiteboards that are incredibly flexible to suit the needs of its users. Such creativity and variety in lessons will prove to be very useful for students while they learn and test their knowledge.

3. Integrated

Every type of application and software can be integrated with the technology of this interactive whiteboard. For Mathematics, graph displays, integration websites and scientific and graphing calculators can be displayed on the screen. Teachers can then write over the images and explain every instruction in thorough detail for students to understand and replicate.

The whiteboard also allows students to access the classroom through e-learning because of the integrated technology that works feasibly with video conferencing systems. It pairs well with a sound system or can be used with the sound system that is in-built within the whiteboard. This will help students get the best schooling with this interactive whiteboard.

4. Engaging

All types of learners are benefited from using such a smart and interactive whiteboard. Be it visual, auditory or physical and practical learners that learn through touch, all students can increase their information absorption by using these boards. This helps them remember more knowledge as the brain is activated on a more holistic level. All students will pay more attention to the material that is being presented in different mediums and forms that will in turn increase their comprehension and memory retention. This also can allow teachers and students to engage more with one another through interactive technology.

5. One for All

Irrespective of the disabilities that a student might have, the technology ensures every user learns in the same way. This will ensure optimum knowledge gain despite personal constraints that otherwise limit students’ learning process at traditional school settings. Students that are visually impaired can benefit from the auditory aspect that the smart board provides. As for students with auditory impairment, more sensual interaction along with visual aids will help them learn better.

The five benefits that are mentioned above prove how interactive whiteboards are very helpful for students and teachers of all ages and types. Your students can push themselves further and learn more about their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their study techniques as well. Consult with an Audio and Visual specialist at Dynamic AV to learn how you can make alterations to your current classrooms and improve your students’ education experience.

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