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Make Your Conference Room Experience Better With A/V Systems

Your corporate office is incomplete without a well functioning conference room. By introducing the latest boardroom solutions to your business headquarters, you can connect remotely with employees, clients and guests outside your office effortlessly. Audio and video conferencing can support your day to day business even in times of a lockdown or with travel restrictions in place.

Imagine a conference room that is not fully equipped to meet all the business communication. Not only will it impact your profits, but such a meeting room can cause you financial loss by being a wasteful investment. On the other hand, if you decide to upgrade the space with the latest meeting room AV systems, it would provide you with a place where everyday business discussions and decisions can be made.

Having the right boardroom solutions is crucial for efficient meetings. Whether you are hosting a meeting where all the members are physically present or remotely connected via phone or videoconferencing, the boardroom will be heavily relying on fast and efficient AV systems. So in this blog, we will look at some of these AV solutions that you need to incorporate in your corporate meeting rooms.

Video Conferencing Solutions

One of the most effective ways for business communication between employees, clients and guests is video conferencing. As technology allows people to connect remotely to the meeting, it is a highly sought out method to conduct important business meetings. Video conferencing not only improves the quality of communication between the different parties involved but also helps make sound decisions with better understanding.

Our AV integrators recommend different boardroom solutions depending upon the business’s needs. By understanding the size and scope of the meeting room, our experts will provide the best AV system recommendations that can help you meet all your business goals.

Microphones and speakers

Boardroom AV systems are incomplete without the right kind of microphones and speakers in place. Depending upon the size of the conference room, various kinds of speakers can be integrated into space like ceiling speakers or wall speakers. Microphones are usually provided as table-top attachments to enable each member to be heard during a discussion. Having quality microphones and speakers help in eliminating unwanted noises and other hindrances that usually occur during a standard video or teleconference.

Projectors and monitors

Presentations play a key role in the success of a meeting. Therefore, to display the presentation and content, meeting rooms need to be incorporated with high-quality projector systems or digital displays. Once again, the type of solution is dependent on the scope of the boardroom and the requirements of your business. With the right system in place, you can easily back up your talks and ideas with the right data and projections that are accessible to everyone, both physically present as well as remotely active.

Video walls

Video walls are a fairly recent addition to conference rooms. These LED walls not only provide a better backdrop for your meetings but can also help promote your brand image during a meeting with prospective clients. State of the art video walls can be used to display static images as well as custom messages that complement your business meetings.

System control

Meeting room AV systems can be controlled from a single panel with the right control system. From the display brightness to the volume control during video conferences, everything can be controlled from a common control panel that the meeting host can access. This eliminates unwanted confusions regarding the functioning of all the AV systems, making your business conference a grand success.

Ready to upgrade your corporate boardroom with the best in class meeting room AV solutions? Reach out to the experts at our AV company in Dubai today!

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