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Why Professional Sound Systems Are Crucial for School Performances

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Sound systems are an essential part of school infrastructure. These systems are custom-designed for different purposes. For instance, audiovisual systems installed in a classroom are meant to serve the audience within the room alone while intercom systems ensure that everyone on the school premises is capable of hearing a message loud and clear when necessary. By consulting with a good AV installation company, you can decide on upgrading your school sound systems as needed.

Apart from classrooms and general intercom, schools also require a good audiovisual for different sports and cultural performances. Most schools in our country are equipped with a theatre or an auditorium for performing arts as well as a gym for sporting events. In this blog, we will learn why these locations require dedicated sound systems and how our experts integrate the AV components accordingly.

Enhance Student Performances With AV Systems

Today, a student’s school performance is largely dependent on his or her learning environment. With children exposed to various AV technologies right from the time of their birth, it is no wonder that they connect better to such systems while at school. Here are some of the locations where schools should integrate AV systems to ensure better performance from their students.

  • Classroom systems

Classroom systems are designed in such a way that each room has an individual AV system that can be used by educators for targeted teaching. A standard classroom system will require speakers throughout the space to help students hear lectures or videos and a screen that is visible for everyone in the room.

With the help of a projector system, teachers can play videos or show presentations on the screen while speaking through a microphone so that all the students in the class can see and hear the lesson.

Studies show that technology-enabled learning helps engage students better and improve their overall academic performance. So we recommend schools to do the necessary AV up-gradation to improve school results.

  • Intercom systems

School-wide intercom systems are probably the oldest audio systems that schools have in place. This type of system has been in use for decades, allowing educators and administrators to communicate better with students. Mostly these systems are used to send emergency messages, daily announcements, and to call students to the office.

Intercom systems typically have two speakers per classroom. Other wall-mounted or ceiling speakers are usually located throughout the school premises like the hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, and other common areas. This ensures that no student misses out on a message that is broadcasted to the entire school.

  • Theater/ Auditorium

School theatre or an auditorium plays a key role in a student’s school life. It is the place where their talents can be showcased in front of the whole school. Performing arts, debates and other extracurricular activities can be showcased here, while the rest of the school gathers to enjoy the same.

A school auditorium must have several microphones, stage lighting, a projector, and a screen system as well as speakers spread throughout the hall. Having a fully equipped auditorium not only helps with stage performances but also facilitates conversations that engage students with the student body as well as the greater community.

  • Gym

Just like auditoriums, school gyms are also a place for all kinds of activities. From sporting events to community meetings, gyms host many different programs that connect not only students but parents as well. By integrating a good quality sound setup to this location, you can ensure that no message is lost even when the space is booming with cheers.

What Do We Recommend?

We understand that audio-visual integration in your school premises is no easy task. Apart from finding the right systems, you should also find an expert AV installation company in Dubai who understands your needs and can work within your infrastructure budget. Reach out to our integrators at AV Dynamics to discuss your requirements and make the much-needed up-gradation today.

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