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Sound System Solutions

Elevate Your Restaurant, Office and Best Home Sound Systems in Dubai with Dynamic AV

If you are planning to elevate your restaurant services or add a sound dimension to your workspace by adding professional and expert the best home sound systems in Dubai that will attract more visitors and potential clients, Dynamic AV is indeed your perfect option for home sound solutions. 

We offer a wide range of home sound solutions that will suit all restaurant audio system and office setups and uplift your already established business. Your customers can enjoy music according to your restaurant-theme with our constant guidance as we design and install the best home sound systems.

Our conversant and knowledgeable staff will design and install high end audio speakers that will enhance your customer’s overall experience. Take a look at our services as you boost your restaurant business and increase your clientele. 


  • Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms and Conference Rooms Sound System

  • Classrooms and learning environments

  • Public address systems

  • Paging systems

  • Distributed audio and background music system

  • Restaurant audio system, spa or solon sound system supplier

  • Auditoriums, ballrooms, and convention centres

  • Houses of worship

  • Commercial theatres and cinema

  • best home theatre systems and other residential audio systems 

  • Portable sound systems for professional set-up


We only provide internal components from trusted brands that have exceptional quality and high durability. Some of them include


  • KEF, Bose, Australian Monitor, Garvan acoustics, Peavey, Bower & Wilkin, Integra, Rotel and Speaker Craft for sound system supplier.

  • Barcode, Sony, Benq, Epson for projection systems

  • Anchor, and DA-LITE for projection screens


We are regarded as a pro AV solutions company as we aim to provide best high end audio speakers and offer great services at an affordable price.

Enjoy a seamless sound experience with our pro av solutions

We at dynamic AV, aim at providing the finest experience related to audio-visual mediums. Our teams deliver product services of high quality in all the restaurants, hotels, malls and offices. We pledge at bringing about a wide variety of different set-ups under an assigned budget of our clients. Dynamic AV is one of the perfect options for solutions related to home-sound.

Increase your clientele with the help of our continual guidance

Do you have a restaurant where you want to install an audio system? Well, we have the best pro av and home sound solutions that suit all kinds of office and restaurant setups. Dynamic AV guarantees you at uplifting the already established enterprise of yours. The customers of yours can make the most of music according to the restaurant themes with constant guidance as we install and design the best high end audio speakers as well as other systems of sound.

Our knowledgeable and conversant staff will install high-end audio speakers and other home sound solutions which are bound to enhance the overall experience of the customers. Have a look at our services and make the best use of them for your work setup. Eventually, as you make use of our high end audio speakers, you experience a sudden boost and increase in the clientele.

Some of them are:

  • Portable systems of sound for the professional set-up

  • Best systems of home-theater as well as other residential systems of audio

  • Commercial cinema and theaters

  • Worship Houses

  • Convention centers, ballrooms, and auditoriums

  • The audio system at the restaurant, high-end audio speakers, solon system of sound supplier and spa.

  • Paging systems

  • Systems of Paging

  • Public address systems

  • Learning environments and classrooms

  • The sound system of conference rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms

High durability and exceptional quality

We provide exceptional quality, state-of-the-art equipment that suitably meets your needs and expectations. Regardless of your unique requirements, you can always avail professional pro av solutions from us. Get in touch with us to know more about the kind of services we present.

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